Michiko Koshino New Collection

It was a Sunday afternoon when fashion and media consultant Stephen Mahoney and I went to the exclusive party of designer Michiko Koshino to admire her fabulous collection at her Studio in 74 Salusbury Road London NW6 6NU
(Photo by Alex Fakso)

The store, had a carpet made with sand and the name of Michiko with her logo on it and the atmosphere was relaxed, buzzing with chats, flashbulbs and beautiful models mingling with the guests and wearing the fantastic pieces designed by Michiko.
This is just a glimpse of the collection, nothing beats seeing clothes worn on models to appreciate the beauty of the garment. Michiko Koshino is wearing her own creation so from this picture you can have an idea of the palette chosen for this season. Lots of black, white and sand. Easy to match and very high quality.

This door on the first floor gives a hint of where the collection is made. We are  in west London and what once was a house has become a studio with a shop on the ground floor. All the original features have been left and what could not be used has been given a new life like this door.

This outfit is great, the trousers are made of the finest cotton and the colour is timeless. paired with sporty shoes for a casual look or with high heels and a designer bag for the night, this outfit takes you from work to party without going home to get change, just stuff everything in the day bag and pronto the evening is sorted.

Michiko Koshino is modelling one of her jacket. This is one of my favourite, the cut is superb and the details are to die for. I like the fact that hidden buttons can be used to keep the sleeves up when rolled.

(photo by Alex Fakso)
After having sampled some tasty sushi, ready made on the spot, Stephen and I had to have a picture before saying goodbye. The green bespoke bag by Ethan K that Stephen is sporting had more than one admirer, I'm just feeling privileged to be next to it.


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