Peter Twiss Autumn Winter 2014

The way Peter Twiss works the silk of his garments is amazing. When I've seen his collection I couldn't stop touching the fabrics of his dresses, soft and different from how everyone thinks when a silk dress is involved.
As well as being beautiful, Peter Twiss's collection is ethical as well, something that I always support.
This great jacket is made of silk and it is available in  five colours. The method in which the silk has been treated made it more a kind of fur than a normal silk fabric. All the pieces are made in Peter Twiss homeland in Nagaland where a team  of locals work around the production and in this way there is an education for future generations in manufacturing jobs.

This is the Bellabella dress, beautiful in silk duchess with woollen embroidered boucle mix. This is by far my favourite dress because the colour is absolutely fantastic and the sheer sleeves with the boucle inserts are just that great touch for a spectacular outfit.

This is the Bellabella shirt dress, sheer silk georgette and the woollen embroidered boucle mix collar. Perfect with dark and thick tights or if not feeling very brave with a pair of leggings. This collection has been inspired by the damage occurred in the Canada forest caused by the oil. The colours are inspired by those left after the destruction in the woods, the palette in fact sports ash, sand, black.
The Kutchin Jacket and Stretch Skirt are 100% made in silk fur. The fabric is so new and gorgeous and the outfit is great. This is one of those staple clothes that stay forever in the wardrobe and it is worn with everything everywhere. Accessorising it in different styles and the look is always fresh . Next project for Peter Twiss apart from giving us beautiful garments, is the developing of a new training centre to teach basic sewing skills, tailoring and dressmaking to the local people.


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