Happy Socks

I know it is still August and maybe we still feel that we are in the summer time but suddenly one sunny day becomes rainy and cold so before being unprepared it is better to stock up on new socks for the new season. And here comes Happy Socks, a Swedish company that in less than 5 years has become one of the most popular stockist for hundreds and hundreds of very colourful socks for men, women and kids.
I love this pattern, the Paisley is available in this gorgeous colour and in red, green and black as well. I think this is one of my favourite models and for £ 8.00 you've got a pair of socks made with high quality cotton.
These camouflage socks with stripy toe are great. They are priced £ 8.00 as many of the socks on the website. The pattern is unisex despite being on the women collection and there are green camouflage socks too. Happy Socks has got a pattern for anyone's taste.
These zebra patterned socks are so lovely. Plenty of colours available like orange and purple or black with zebra stripes in pink or white with blue, the choice is endless and these as well at £ 8.00. Scandinavians know a thing or two on how to keep their feet warm. In stock over the knee socks and very colourful tights as well for £ 14.00. Check their website for more www.happysocks.com/uk

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