Happy Socks and matching Underwear

I believe that everyone is hooked with Happy Socks and I shouldn't be wrong in thinking that at least a pair of socks is in most stylish people 's drawer. The variety of colours and the fact that now is fine to wear fancy socks has made this Swedish company a bestseller all over the world. The new season brings lots of patterns and underwear for both men and women. Love them already.
The Paisley pattern is amazing, the combination of colours absolutely great. The socks are unisex and they can fit up to a 11,5 size. My favourite are the purple/yellow and the blue/orange. The price is excellent as well at £ 8.00 per pair.
Gorgeous low socks for when you wear trainers or brogues and it is quite warm outside. You just need to have something between your feet and your shoes but it  is not cold enough for a proper sock. The blue/orange are lovely with the big dots. All of them are at £ 7.00 per pair for either men or women.
The Special Special are limited edition sock by Happy Socks and once they are gone, they are gone. I love the orange paint drip but it is hard to choose because they are all so nice that you want to own them all. Starting at £ 8.00 up to £ 15.00 it is something that you can afford to do it.
The news from Happy Socks this Autumn Winter season is a bright and lively underwear collection for men and women, matching the socks in the range. The model are very basic, briefs for women and free or fitted boxers for men, all made in 95% cotton and 5% elastane for the fitted boxers and the women briefs or 100% cotton for the free boxers.
Aren't they great ? The prints are lively and they are very comfortable, something cool and at the same time fun to wear. A pair of briefs are priced at £ 12.95 and it would be a great idea to match it with a pair of socks for an unusual gift. I would love to receive one .
Look at the selection for men, a rainbow of great colours and fun patterns, matching the uber popular socks. Priced at £ 19.95 I am sure that they will be a bestseller and an inspiration for the next Christmas wish list.
I could not miss these sweet baby socks, tiny replica of the adult ones. I love this combination pack which is priced at £ 10.00 for two pairs of socks. On the website you can choose among so many patterns and as well as buying online, you can find a list of stockists nationwide if you prefer to buy in a store. Go online at www.happysocks.com and start renewing your socks and underwear drawers.


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