Gli Oli Luxury Fragranced Candles and Diffusers

I came across the luxury range of Gli Oli candles and reed diffusers and I really fell in love with them. It is not just the choice of fragrances like Vetiver or Ginger, or sandalwood or Patchouli or Cedarwood, combined with other fantastic essential oils like cinnamon, or lemongrass, or lavender or.... , and it is not just because the ingredients are all natural, with no chemical and the aromatherapy grade essential oils are all sourced from ethical and sustainable resources, the packaging is beautiful, a deep shade of purple, and you know how obsessed I am with this colour. Putting all these characteristics together I've found a new products to rave about.
I believe that a candle or a reed diffuser is always a fantastic gift to give at any occasion. It could be a birthday, or an anniversary, a farewell present or a "congratulations for your new home" token. Christmas is another right occasion where buying a candle or a reed diffuser is giving you the certainty that your gift will be much appreciated. And why not buying a candle or a reed diffuser to treat  yourself  or for a special occasion.
This gorgeous Gli Oli candle is Vetiver &.... where the & stands for a cocktail of fantastic       essential oils like Rose geranium, cardamom and bergamot. The final result is a calming blend, perfect to be lit in the bedroom when needed. The wax is 100% natural soy wax, a cotton wick and it will burn for at least 40 hours. The reed diffuser is available with the same blend.
The Gli Oli  reed diffuser in Patchouli &...  has got a blend of frankincense, ylang ylang, cypress and sweet orange as well as patchouli, the main ingredient. The liquid is hand blend and hand poured and the rattan reeds are hand cut and hand dyed in their own unique purple colour. The pure essential oils are added to the carrier base which is made from soya based renewable sources. Its fragrance is revitalising, great for a dining room and maybe the bedroom as well. The candle in this fragrance is available as well.
The packaging for the Gli Oli candle is so sophisticated, it would not be out of place in a wedding list or when invited to a formal dinner. This beauty is the Cedarwood &... with cinnamon, ginger, juniper and lemongrass for a woody/spiced aroma with a twist. The candles are all at £ 45.00 each.
This is the beautiful packaging for the Gli Oli reed diffuser with the rattan reeds tied up with a matching ribbon. The one in the picture is the Ginger &... with black pepper, lime, basil and grapefruit, quite spicy in aroma. I think that I could use the same ingredients for a delicious summer salad and burn the matching candle or use the diffuser in the dining room. All the diffusers are priced at £ 45.00.
The other fragrance left in the collection is the relaxing Sandalwood &... with a blend of black pepper, vetiver and lavender essential oils. Honestly I would not know what to choose among all the products. Every  candle or diffuser has got some aroma that I love. Maybe Cedarwood &... and Patchouli & are two of my favourites, but I must admit that all of them smell deliciously. have a look at the website and let me know which one is the one you've chosen.


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