Huit 8 Lingerie

A new season always prompt me to buy new lingerie, it is almost a rite and Autumn is for me like new year, it is customary to  renew something in my lingerie  drawer. Huit 8  has got quite a few offering.
The Candeur by Huit 8 style with the long line padded bra  is one of my favourite models. It gives support and it looks like a modern corset. The cups for this model goes up to D but with the same pattern  the Candeur style has got the full cup bra that goes up to DD while the soft bra is up to C. A lovely choice of briefs with a string or boxer shorts as well as normal briefs.

The nude nuance of the Dress Code by Huit 8 style is so delicate and the shape of the boxer shorts  looks very comfortable. The bra is the soft one which goes up to cup C but the full cup bra and the Magic Air Bra with push up air pads.
Colours are important even with the underwear. I like to match the colours of what I'm wearing with my underwear  and I know that with Huit 8 I can find a selection of bright colours to cheer me up. The De l'Air style in this ginger colour can boost any mood. The half cup bra with foam goes up to size E and a half cup bra is available as well. The briefs have got little and cute details like the bow and lace inserts and  the boxer shorts are in stock as well.
Arpege by Huit 8 has got a  fabulous cherry pink colour and the detailed lace for the half cup bra and the briefs is very sophisticated..The same model is available in black and ivory but this one is the AW16 new colour. The low waisted briefs go up to size XL while the half cup bra is up to size E. A soft bra and a Magic Air Bra are in the same range.

Plein Les Yeux by Huit 8 , literally to dazzle somebody or to take one's breath away and yes, this style has got this effect. Its slate blue nuance, the pattern the cut, it is so beautiful. The Magic Air Bra gives support and the String with its detailed lace goes up to size XL. Now for some serious shopping where you can find a Huit 8 Lingerie stockist ? Online at the best e-stores and for a brick and mortar shop check for a full list of retailers.


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