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I've discovered Neom Organics products and I've fell in love with them. Everything from the packaging to the scents used and the goodness of the ingredients has captured me. For Christmas the company has come up with a range of luxury candles and body products in a seasonal mix of fragrances that recall the festive period.
The Limited Edition Christmas Wish candles are sprinkled with real 18ct gold and 13 essentials oils including cinnamon, mandarin and tonka beans. You can have the candle with one or three wicks. The blending of these purest essential oils reduce stress levels while giving a festive scent to the whole room. The packaging is very elegant as well and makes it a perfect gift.
This Real Luxury Skin Treatment Candle is a treat for your skin. Just light up the candle for 30 minutes so that the oils will melt. Then cool it for a couple of minutes. The wax has been made purposefully to be applied on the skin without burning the skin by it if following the given instructions. You drizzle the melted warm wax on the skin and then massage where treatment is needed like dry elbows and heels or hands or legs. If very lucky a nice body massage is the ultimate luxury. The real Luxury Intensive Skin Treatment has got among the essentials oils lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood while the Tranquillity Skin Treatment  has got  English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine.
Gift sets are always well received especially if the receiver doesn't know well a brand. This  Limited Edition "All I Want For Christmas Are Three Nights of Peace" by Neom Organics includes a miniature of Bath Oil Tranquillity, Great Day and Real Luxury. They have the same fragrance of the Tranquillity Skin Treatment Candle with the same benefits, great to de stress after a very busy period starting from the beginning of December with all the Christmas parties and finishing with the traditional meals with relatives. Start the new year with a bit of "me time" with this gift set.
One indulgent treat that not always is on our shopping list is a great scrub, so receiving or giving a product like this is always a well thought gift. The Neom Great Day Body Scrub is a blend of 8 pure essential oils with a top note of wild mint and mandarin. It is a very uplifting product and gives you energy under the shower to start the day.
Neom Organics has got a range of miniatures, great for travelling or to put them in your bag  so when you need a pick me up or a de stress moment  just rummage in your bag and it is ready for you.
The sizes make them perfect as stocking fillers or if you make your own crackers. These three products in the picture are the Intense Night Repair Body Oil with English Lavender, sweet basil and jasmine for a soft skin, and the lavender essential oil will have you relaxed in no time. The Intensive Deep Sleep Treatment is a roll on that will last up to three hours and it will help to have a restful sleep. The Perfect Night Sleep Pillow Mist . sprayed on your pillow will release a very calming fragrance that teamed up with the Intensive Deep Sleep Treatment will bring you to a relaxed state and you will sleep peacefully. For more ideas and to order online go to
Neom stores are only in Leeds and in London at Wimbledon.


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