Clarins Skin Spa at Debenhams

Today I left home under the rain  feeling tense and soaked. I've arrived at Debenhams in Oxford Street for my complimentary Rebalancing Massage and I've spent one and half hour being pampered at the Clarins Skin Spa on the ground floor.
The atmosphere is very relaxing with dimmed lights and a quietness that might seem impossible if you think that you are inside a very busy department store. But this is the reality of the Clarins Skin Spa. Once you've entered through the sliding door and you've met your beauty therapist, all the noise disappeared and only a relaxing background music will be heard.
There is a great choice of treatments, either for face or for the body. Obviously all the products are from Clarins, which I've learnt from my Beauty Therapist Ellie, it is still a family run business and actually Clarins started as a treatment venture and then they've added the products. So now with the Spas they are back to their roots.
Before starting my treatment I've filled a form to declare that I did not have any allergies or other medical problems that could have prevented me from having a body massage and then I had a chat with Ellie, my beauty therapist about the choice of the oil to be used during the massage and which areas I wanted to be treated.
The room is very comfortable and there is enough space. The music is soothing and the temperature is just perfect. At the Clarins Skin Spa you can have Facials with aromatherapy oils, facials for eye contours or body treatments like the Skin Smoother that is an intensive double exfoliating treatment that sounds divine. As well as the Rebalancing Massage  you can choose the Hot Stone Massage and there is a massage for Mums to Be. After my massage Ellie explained to me the properties of few products from the Clarins range and how to use them to maximise their effectiveness.
Everything is taken care during your treatment. Even disposable knickers are provided given that these massages are made with body treatment oils, a thought for your lingerie if you don't want any contact between oil and lace or silk. Not only women can be pampered at the Clarins Skin Spa. A range of Men's treatments are on offer like a facial or body massages. Waxing is another treatment that can be booked and that is made using honey based wax.  All in all this visit has been perfect and I've left feeling relaxed and "unknotted".


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