Abitart in Rome

Going on holiday is a fabulous thing and when you can take home something unique it is even better. My favourite shop is in the heart of Rome, Abitart, colorful, quirky, incredible, unique and original. Every single garment might be different from the other even if it is from the same collection because the clever use of fabric remnants in finishing touches of a sleeve or a hem will make it a bespoke dress that will make people stop and ask you where did you buy it. The password is "colour colour and colour".And here you can show off saying smugly" It was in Rome in a exclusive boutique".  Fill up you suitcase next time you are in the Italian capital. The shop is in  Via Della Croce 46/47 with other branches in Ostia and in a shopping centre called "Euroma2". The designer Vanessa Foglia is as creative as she is kind and very nice and everyone in Abitart is lovely and eager to help for a shopping experience with no equals. Drool at the pictures for a sample of what is in store and be tempted in buying something from this eclectic designer who dresses celebrities for TV shows and for glamorous events.
Dresses and accessories

Linen and cotton for the green dress and under those zips,a  surprise with flowery fabric

A coat for A/W 2011


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