Suitcase London

I was walking in Covent Garden at the Apple Market when my attention has been drawn towards very unusual handbags, and I love handbags so my eye is quite trained for this task. I was in front of a stall and I was salivating looking at Suitcase London handbags made with recycled suits bought in charity shops in London. How more sustainable and fashionable can you get? I could recognize a detail, a sleeve or a pocket and the fabrics were undoubtedly from a pinstripe suit or from a tweed jacket. Every bag is a one off given the source of the garments and with fashion becoming more and more ethical this company is a fine example of this trend that has a strong following and that at London Fashion Week has got a representative with Estethica, the organization that sources and cares for ethical fashion.
You can find Suitcase London bags at Covent Garden on Tuesdays and on Fridays and if you miss those two days you can visit the V&A shop where you can find a fine selection of bags ready to be taken home.

From charity shop to ethical fashionista

Before in a business meeting and now....

These bags could tell more than one story

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