Caroline Faiers and her leather accessories

I love Covent Garden's Apple Market. Among stalls selling stuff for tourists it is possible to find real gems. That's happened when I've seen the stall of Caroline Faiers, a selection of beautiful leather accessories in every colour of the rainbow. Apart from leather bangles, leather hair clips or jewellery mixing metal with leather, what caught my attention has been the finest leather cuffs I've ever seen. Soft leather embellished with brooches that looked like vintage to me and probably they were. Every single article is handmade and I'm not wrong in saying that the leather is maybe recycled and having another chance of life in these great cuffs. The fact that the brooches are different make all the production a selection of one offs and the price are so affordable that it is not possible to leave the stall without buying something. Caroline can be found at Covent Garden every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Her stall really deserve a visit.


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