Ivana Basilotta and her Eco Silk

I've met Ivana Basilotta few years ago, during London Fashion Week. Her collection was colorful and vibrant and I've learnt about the Peace Silk, known as Vegetarian Silk, where the moths emerge from their cocoons to end their cycle of life in full without being killed. Also Ivana uses recycled fabric or organic one, making a name for herself among the designers eco-sustainable. Livia Firth  always supporting these ethical designers has been at major events with outfits by Ivana Basilotta.
This young and talented designer is Italian by nationality, born and raised in Germany and now she lives in London, mixing all these backgrounds in her collections. The latest I've seen at the posh Home House Club showed a very muted palette with pale pink, sapphire blues and aquamarine blue with  a dash of black. The look reminded me of the 80's with bat wings sleeves and just that hint in a hem or a pleat.
Waiting to see her Spring/Summer 2012 Collection some pictures will give everyone a taste of this great designer that is carving her place in the popular more than ever ethical fashion.

The 80's are back with this outfit, the platform shoes are linking past to the present.

A Jump Suit "Charlie's Angels style"

Pictures by Paul Weaver


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