Anya Hindmarch - Lost and Found Presentation

London Fashion Week is a collection of events, shows, parties and presentations. While most of the presentations are set up at Somerset House for a few hours, Anya Hindmarch has rented the Strand Tube Station now closed to recreate a corner of old London. Entering the door that is always closed and chained gave me a little excitement. The opportunity to visit a ghost tube station, plus the occasion to view Anya Hindmarch's new Spring Summer 2012 collection was to big to be missed. The inspiration for this presentation and the collection comes from an exhibition visited by the talented designer about objects lost and found in the underground and never claimed back. We talk false limbs, books, umbrellas, bags and more. The setting  in the old tube station is great. The green and cream tiles takes you back in time and the typical kiosks in a tube station have been opened like the flower stall or the tea room and the photo booth or the newsagent displaying postcards, bags of crisps, souvenirs of London and more. Just have a look at the pictures to marvel at the creativity of this two days event and start taking notes of the bags pictured, they will hit the shops next spring.

Lost & Found objects as a display for these snakeskin handbags a version of the Bruton bag inspired by a battered doctor's bag

Postcard's display with vintage postcards next to newspaper tote bags

Mini Gracies instead of croissants at Anya's kiosk

The tea room, with griffed table mats and a delicious menu to choose from

A banjo player and the lift to the trains full of handbags

The entrance of the station

The lift with part of the collection

Golden bags and advertising posters

The flower stall

A nude clutch bag surrounded by flowers "Tell it with a flower"


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