Carnaby Street Fashion Show

Finally the day has come, the weather has been clement and the models in their outfits were gorgeous. All the shops in the Carnaby area were out in full force to send their look on the catwalk, styled by Sarah Owen from the shop "Lucy in Disguise", John William and Nova Dando.
 Pictures of the day, you will find them scattered in the next few posts. Too many things happened and Carnaby Street and the surrounding areas have been full of customers enjoying discounts in shops, live music, complimentary make overs, drinks and hundreds of offers from all the   participating stores. Carnaby Street has got a concentration of independent boutiques and restaurants and also concept stores  as well as pop up shops. A vibrant place where it is possible to find everything for everyone and it is possible to spend the whole day relaxing in one of the many great places to eat and indulging in a spot of shopping. A huge thank to the girls at Sister P.R. who have been running all day taking care of everything and making sure that all the visitors were fine. From 3 p.m. limited edition tote canvas bags have been given randomly in a limited number.

Snakeskin print and stripes, for a clever layering

Sequin jacket from Lucy in Disguise themed with a pair of shorts by Revival

A summer dress worn in the winter as well with a  polo shirt, a military style jacket and chunky boots

A modern "Braveheart"

Stylists John William and Sarah Owen (photo courtesy of Carnaby Street Sister P.R.)


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