Kew.159 a new image for a great brand

I love Kew.159 clothes, I've been buying from its collections for years and this September it has been the official launch of the new face of this brand. I went to the High Street Kensington shop which is the first portraing the changes of its image.
The new designer gave a modern look to the new collection with bold colours, prints and cut that reflects the new woman who will shop there. The little sparrow is the symbol of Kew.159, replacing the flowers in the previous look. The label will always be the favourite for women of all ages, because the style is so eclectic and with no boundaries, the same shirt or dress can be choosen by a teenager or a thirtysomething to a more mature lady and only playing with accessorises it will be possible to have different outfits. What a belt or a pair of shoes can do to alter a look and shopping in Kew.159 will give to everyone the opportunity to buy everything in one place from the top to the bottom, being colour coordinated and creative at the same time.

A great ensemble with the mohair alpaca trapeze jacket in a bright colour, themed with a striped long sleeve knit, denim from their new range and a beanie hat

A two tone dress in block colours and a black satin ribbon at the waist

flowery and abstract prints for these silky numbers

Another bold prints straight out from the 70's

Denim collection from boot cut to skinny fit

A-line dress in optical colours

Chunky knits for scarves, hats and gloves


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