London Fashion Week StreetStyle

What I love during LFW is the fact that just sitting in the courtyard at Somerset House you are treated to a fashion show every single minute, and not from the models. Everyone will come dressed up to the nine, with bold colours, loud prints, or just demure 1940's style. Probably somebody will be in a City Boy attire but with purple hair or oozing style like a Hollywood diva. These are just a small selection, some of the "subjects" where literally bombarded by camera flashes.

This is Adam a fellow blogger. Every day he has worn a different pair of shoes with fluffy animals

The youngest fashionista ever, this picture is blurred because I was busy cooing over her.

A modern Brigitte Bardot

I loved the hat, the make up, the attitude...everything

A dress made with silk scarves by Burberry and perhaps Hermes?

A colorful ensemble toned down by the tweed jacket, a look to wear until you are twenty, don't you dare copy it after that age

Two wonderful Japanese girls at Francesca Marotta's presentation at the Saint Martin's Lane Hotel

Great shoes

Real dog and fake fur

Leaving a show

Model at rest

that bag is lovely and brightens up the whole outfit

Black metal and we are not talking about music, just the combination for that coat

Before black and now white like the chess pieces

Green with a touch of blue, he should pair up with the girl wearing those wonderful shoes, the hue is the same

Shoulder pads and fur coat, a step back in the 1980's

Going stellar


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