Merc at Carnaby Street

A great British brand, Merc, since 1967 has given to London its signature style with an attention to details mixing classic retro style with  new trends for both men and women.
During the Saturday when the Carnaby Street Fashion Show has been held, the atmosphere and the music of when for the first time Merc opened up its door for business, relived thanks to Alan Harrington, more than a DJ, an icon of that golden era that was the Swinging Sixties. Alan Harrington, one of the most specialist on Elvis Presley, the Beatles and all the music that was 50's and 60's played old classics at the shop, accepting music requests from the customers visiting the shop and introducing his music on the microphone, reminding me of Wolfman Jack from "American Graffiti".
While inside the shop listening to those great tracks I could admire the sharp tailoring of the outfits on display recognizing some of the pieces from the fashion show.
Thanks to Merc, for few hours Carnaby Street has been brought back 50 years, because I'm sure that during that magical decade all the songs played yesterday at Merc has been played half a century ago while Mods and girls in Twiggy miniskirts were doing  their shopping in the newest and trendiest street in London.

The shop front

Blazers and shirts

Alan Harrington at the deck

Iconic record covers at the wall

A model wearing a Merc blazer at the show


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