Paolita : Swimwear with a vintage twist

I've met Anna Paola Papaconstantinou a year ago at London Fashion Week. She was with her first collection and I remember chatting with her and admiring her beautiful swimwear with the newborn brand Paolita. After one year and I meet her again and her new collection is more beautiful than ever. We are talking about the one that will hit the shops in the Spring, just in time for a holiday shopping knowing that what you are going to buy is going to be the star of the beach. If I were you I would pop down to Anthropology in Regent's Street or King's Road because in the Spring 2012 they will be the ones to stock Paolita's range.
I'm going to give you a small preview and finally it is official orange and purple are great together. After seeing this combination of colours on the catwalk, among the designers Carlotta Gherzi who will be featured soon in this blog, probably my friends will stop teasing me for this bold choice of colours. Paolita as well has got these two colours together.


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