Shangri - La Jewellery the power of the stones

September is the month of the official launch of Shangri - La Jewellery, a label handmade in Tibet by a team of craftsmen using the power of the meditation while at their benches making bracelets and necklaces and using beads of crystal and gemstones with some limited edition items like a bracelet made in mala wood. These pieces of jewellery are inspired by the traditional Tibetan and Buthanese Buddhist styles and the use of leather makes them something to wear everyday according to your mood and they are unisex too making a great gift for the man in your life.
Shangri - La Jewellery at the moment can be bought only online but sure thing we will see them stocked in shops. Not one piece will be the same as another one, gemstones are different and even the same kind of semi precious stone has got unique characteristics like inclusions or streaks which are unrepeatable in nature.
Prices are from £ 49 up to £ 1850 for the most expensive limited edition item. Every month new pieces will be on the website A great opportunity to start stocking up for Christmas with something meaningful and orginal. Judge for yourself:

Aqua:Turquoise and hematite at £ 85.00

Emperor: Buddhist scriptured beads and Hematite at £ 85.00

Leopard: Tiger's Eye beads and hematite at £ 75.00

Oar: 9ct Gold beads and red cord at £ 75.00

Teira: Wooden beads at £ 49.00


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