Yes Master: Lingerie for strong women

Who said that lingerie to be sexy has to be flimsy with lots of see through? Yes Master is far from that but it is sooo sexy. There is not transparency in the usual and crucial places in the new collection Black Label, the padded cups on bras and bodies are complemented by  wide shoulder straps encrusted with black swarowsky crystals. The woman who wears Yes Master lingerie is intelligent, ironic, strong willed and knows what suits her. She is not afraid to dare. Rigby & Peller is a stockist for this brand and also Urban Outfitters, two different kind of customers, the first serving the Queen, the other a favourite with fashionistas.
Matching set with shoulder pads

Fantastic body sheer fabric and padded cups

A feathered suspenders, great as a belt on a chiffon skirt or a pair of jeans, too beautiful to keep it only for a lucky one and inside four walls.


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