Carnaby Street Christmas Party:Remember Remember the 17th of November

Christmas is coming, just a bit over a month left and I'm sure that very few people finished to buy their gifts. So what is the best occasion to tick names off the list that a nice shopping spree in Carnaby Street?
On the 17th of November a huge party involving all the shops and restaurants in the Carnaby Street area will offer a 20% discount helping you with brilliant ideas for your dearests and nearests saving money as well which in this current financial climate is a huge help. Register online for your free ticket and start thinking what to get for your best friend, parents, partners and I'm sure you will be successful when the time to open up a tinselled parcel will come and the receiver will be absolutely thrilled by your choice, the taste and originality of the gift.
Click on this link for the full programme that is going to be packed with activities, complimentary drinks and the opportunity to win a fantastic goodie bag.


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