Cristina Saibaduc between Fashion and Art

I've seen Cristina Saibaduc's fashion show during London Fashion Week and I've found it unusual in a pleasant way. The venue was at the Hospital Club and there weren't chairs or front rows. Guests were standing looking at a catwalk that was the perimeter of the room. The walls were covered with fabrics cut in geometrical shapes. we did not know that we were looking at the Spring Summer 2012 collection of this talented designer. Step by step the fabrics have been wrapped around the models' bodies giving life to gorgeous outfits. The same piece of fabric was a skirt or a dress depending how it was fastened to the model 's body. The beautiful silk was draped in a way that with few key pieces a capsule wardrobe had the holiday suitcase sorted with enough space to fill it up with  souvenirs. The small video will explain clearly how Cristina Saibaduc managed to mix Fashion and Art in a single show.
Video by Coban Beutelstetter


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