Emmanuel Katsaros and his fabulous collection

I love colours and when I've seen Emmanuel Katsaros  collection I've been drawn to it by its bright colours and the fact that I've seen some of the most gorgeous clutch bags ever. Emmanuel Katsaros has got a multi cultural background that is reflected in the lively colours of his handbags, sunglasses and beautiful gloves. His name make you thin rightly that his roots are Greek, but also there is some Italian blood and North African ones as well, all countries where the sun  shines and there is nothing you can do, the colours of your childhood stay  in your mind, reminding of holidays spent in amazing surroundings. Emmanuel Katsaros uses very soft leather for his bags and gloves, embellishing each piece with metal appliques.
Just look at these beauties, they will brighten up any outfit.
Coin purses shaped like an envelope and clutch bags with a twist

Soft leather gloves for a lady like look

Sunglasses worthy of Jackie Kennedy and a studded clutch


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