Junky Styling from an old suit a new outfit

I've got a special fondness for ethical fashion and when I see something unique it is a pleasure for me to support the idea and the designer. Junky Styling has got all of these qualities. They use high quality second hand garments, they cut them, deconstruct them giving them a new look. For the customers it is possible to bring their own clothes and have them remade into something else. No two pieces are the same and I think it is great that apart from finding something absolutely unique at their shop just off Brick Lane, it is possible to transform something that was in the back of the wardrobe, unloved and unused.
Just look at this small examples of what they are capable to do at Junky Styling.
Once upon a time it was a jacket, now it is a fantastic corset

A jacket with a twist, the sleeves are the new collar

Bags made from old jackets and denim

An old pair of trousers is a lovely sheath dress


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