Justin Deakin Makes the Right Noise

It is just a little joke around the name of Justin Deakin 's shop "Make The Right Noise" and really this shop rocks. This time I am talking to my male readers, there is a new shop just for you and I'm quite jealous because the shoes are gorgeous. The shop is quintessentially British with classic shoe wear like brogues or Chelsea boots or loafers. The colours are discreet with greys, blacks, tan, but then the twist comes with details like trimmings depicting the colours of the Union Jack or other flags. The opening of the shop, situated just off Brick Lane in 22 Hanbury Street, held the same Britishness with live music at the piano in the street during a very balmy November evening by Stephen Ridley and no canapes for Justin Deakin's guests but English food like pork pies, Scottish salmon, and the most delicious scotch eggs I've ever tasted. I always write about local business and the fact that Justin Deakin make his shoes in the factory owned by the Church family that has been around for the last 125 years and the silk comes from an old factory where it has been woven  since the 13th Century  is just the cherry on the top and I hope that if he will never make shoes for women at least some of his models will come in small sizes.
I love the trimmings

I would not mind these in a small size

Stephen Ridley

An English feast


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