Kuka - Me for unique jewellery

I went to the opening of a new jewellery shop in Notting Hill, Kuka - Me  whose owner is the jewellery designer Reema Pachachi. I think this is the first time I haven't been intimidated by a shop selling precious items. The store is bright and light, with glass windows displaying beautiful pieces of jewellery in silver and in gold. Next to them striking set of  cups and saucers and soft pashmina scarves are on sale as well, giving to Kuka- Me a different outlook respect to the usual jewellery store. Kuka-Me is the union of the Zulu word  "Kuka" that means "uplift" and the English word " Me", which embodied how somebody feels when buying something great like a handmade ring or necklace, or a colorful scarf or something for the house.
All the items are made in Great Britain by expert goldsmiths who worked with Reema Pachachi for years, and they bring to life the designs drawn by Reema  in her Notting Hill workshop.
Personally I love to have a piece of jewellery which is unique, with a special meaning, with the stone chosen by me which it doesn't have to be precious in the real sense of the world. At Kuka-Me it will be possible to find something like this, a piece of  jewellery and have something made especially by Reema for an unforgettable occasion.
Just head to 5 Elgin Crescent in London W11 2JA and you will be spoilt for choice.

A gorgeous crystal quartz necklace with a silver clasp

Turquoise necklace displayed in the shop window

18 carat gold jewellery and a spectacular kunzite and diamond ring and earrings


Pearls necklaces and hand crafted cups.


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