Polaroid Sunglasses Vintage Collection

It's nearing winter and probably days will be cloudy and rainy but even  during the coldest months we've got those bright and sunny days were the sky is Tiffany Box blue and the sun is shining that sunglasses are needed if we don't want to squint producing wrinkles, so a pair of sunglasses has to be in our handbags at all costs. Polaroid came out with this new collection called "Polaroid Heritage" and with its extensive archive of models dated since the 1930's a range of sunglasses inspired at the different decades has been launched recently. I think that they are the perfect accessorize for the Vintage look that has been seen everywhere.
1930's style the Swing model

Beautiful Marilyn 1950's in red

1970's Donna style

Marilyn probably had a pair in this model

Broadway style for another look inspired by the 1950's decade.


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