Wearable Art by Silvia Beccaria

I've met Silvia Beccaria at London Fashion Week and I've been drawn by the colours of her display and her jewellery. Silvia lives in Turin and she came for the first time to London Fashion Week to promote her art, because Silvia before being a fashion designer is an artist. She works with fibre, plastic, latex, rubber, fabrics, metal and her creation become wearable art. Her background is very artistic and she had many displays with her installations in Italy and abroad as well as artistic projects with several schools and textile museums.
Her necklaces are very unusual and bright. Silvia has found her inspirations from old portraits dated  in the 1500's where Spanish nobility was wearing these collars made of precious laces. I like something new and these jewels are the latest in design, art and fashion.

The artist Silvia Beccaria with one of her necklaces. It will give spark to a LBD

Depending on the length of the chain these flowers could be a necklace, a bracelet or why not a brooch?

Balloon necklace and on the background another artistic work that beautifully can complement a plain tunic


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