55 Pages Launch and Rokit

55 Factory is synonymous of fashion, art and coolness all around. Rokit is the vintage shop par excellence. For the month of May and until the Jubilee the team at 55Factory set up office at the window of the Rokit branch in Covent Garden. For the launch of the n.2 issue with Pandemonia featured on the cover and with a long interview inside, a party has been organised at the shop giving the chance to all Pandemonia's fans to meet their star and have a copy of the magazine with her signature. During the party it has been possible to shop at Rokit using a special discount given to all the guests who attended this event. Catch up with the 55Factory team at their website www.55factory.net  and look for their videos about the evening and all their interviews during London Fashion Week and more at their You Tube channel 55 Factory.
The office inside Rokit window

Pandemonia cover star of issue n.2 is arriving at the party

Rokit during the party, a drink, a browse among the racks while listening to music thanks to the in house DJ

Pandemonia is signing one of the copies of the magazine

The other window at Rokit with a newstand full of 55 Pages copies

Pandemonia in one of the fitting rooms, Snowy looks very relaxed.

Thanks to Chris Sims, Nick Thompson and Sara Darling at  55Factory, Rokit and Lois Waller who has taken care of the PR with her company Carrot top PR.


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