Istituto Marangoni Graduate Fashion Show

I love June, it is the time that all the Universities and Schools with courses dedicated to who wants to start in the fashion industry present their students' works during Graduate Fashion Week with fashion shows attended by the most eminent personalities ready to spot the next rising star.
Istituto Mrangoni has been in London for nearly a decade in Brick Lane at 30 Fashion Street, a very apt address for this fashion school that founded in Milan 77 years ago has seen many of its students becoming household names in the industry.
This year's students have been brilliant bringing on the catwalk incredible looks and a use of the fabric exceptional. The show has been held in the magnificent foyer of the Royal Court of Justice using the mosaic on the floor as the runway.

Claudia Gamba brings on the catwalk a great collection with a palet in blue, red and white. Dresses and coats match and they are just so stylish. I would happily wear some from this new designer.

I love colours and Camilla Maria Melo Lopez put together some of my favourite colours like peacock, purple, fuchsia in this collection very wearable using leather and suede together. This is a collection that I could see stocked in some hip boutiques.

Daniel Moshe Cohen brings a Gothic theme on the runway with lots of lace, corsets and a surprise insert of sheer fabric on the back.

 Pei - Chuan Tsai sent her models wearing a collection that reminded me of "Roman Holidays" with Audrey Hepburn. If another remake would be on the card, producers should choose Pei - Chuan as the costume designer on set.

Andrea Aguirre Landa won the 2012 Award with her collection. It must have been a tough job for the judges because all the students had great collections but Andrea had the title for this year. I love the use of the leather which from my seat looked very soft.  Congratulation to Andrea and all the students.


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