Lucile Lingerie back in the Fashion Spotlight

I love a good story and when at the Lingerie Collective I came across the brand Lucile I knew I've found one. Lucile was Lady Duff Gordon who in 1890 started a lingerie business becoming famous all over the world. Her lingerie was sexy and modelled on voluptuous ladies or sketched in fashion magazines. Famous clients were buying Lucile Lingerie among others the Duchess of Warwick whose favourites were black lace and silk negligees to match her black silk sheets and the Queen of Spain. After a century great-great-great granddaughter Camilla Blois reformed the family business bringing back old models and the elegance of a bygone era. The collections " The Queen of Spain" and "The Duchess of Warwick" are inspired by her ancestor's creativity and dedicated to two of her famous clients.
Have a sneak peek of these fabulous pieces.
From the collection " Queen of Spain" bra in silk with rose and matching mini brief worn with a short length bed jacket in silk Georgette

From the collection " Duchess of Warwick" this gorgeous Georgette full length gown and peeking underneath a matching set in black lace and silk

A matching set from the "Duchess of Warwick" collection this luxurious plunge bra with waspie in  gold silk and  black lace and a silk thong

This set is from the same collection only the brief are a hipster model in lace

All the small lingerie come in this lovely box with drawing from the beginning of the XX Century.
From the  collection " Queen of Spain" a sensual halterneck gown in silk.


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