Secrets in Lace for Vintage Looking Lingerie

Secrets in Lace is the sponsor for the World Burlesque Games that happened in London a  month ago. Burlesque and vintage are two words that go together, you can't think of one and not think of the other one. Burlesque evenings are really great fun and just looking at the audience who come dressed up in 1940s and 1950s garb with matching make up and hairdos gives a fantastic vibe. Secrets in Lace produces lingerie and nylon stockings inspired by the fashion during those glamorous years. During the Press Night of the World Burlesque Games at the Floridita Club, organised by the King of Burlesque Chaz Royal, I could admire this sexy yet not revealing lingerie and coo over those nylon stockings from the Bettie Page and Dita Von Teese collections.

This hot ensemble is from the Bettie Page Leopard range, the bra and the garter have leopard print fabric with red details and the Bettie Page nylon stockings are held by six garter straps. Model Ebony Silk looks stunning, a real pin up.

Models Felicity Switch, Frankii Wilde, Ebony Silk and Betty D'Light are wearing the Bettie Page Leopard range. Red, purple and black with leopard print fabric are the colour for this collection. As you can see the bras are very castigated yet they are very sensual, the less is shown the sexier. The garter has two styles, a short one and a long one with zipper.

Model Agent Lynch is introducing the range Secrets in Lace during the fashion show before the burlesque show. In here we can see those beautiful nylon stockings Dita Von Teese  Diamond Backseam  and  Bettie Page shoes with leopard print soles

Models Felicity Switch, Betty D'Light, Ebony Silk and Frankii Wilde together with Chaz Royal, organiser of the World Burlesque Games and Daniel Whitsett, CEO of Secrets in Lace, the sponsor of the event.

Performer Siren Santina, before the performance was mingling with the other guests in this red hot dress and matching pillar red lipstick. By the way Siren has got a great soprano voice, heard during her show on stage.

Performers Duke de Milo and Eliza Delite at the Floridita waiting to cheer their mates at the Triple Crown Contest.

The evening has been hosted by Miss Behave who was wearing a PVC  1940s outfit that it would have been the envy of Pandemonia.

And the winner of the Triple Crown is Anna the Hulagan who gave a fiery performance with a flaming hoola hoop and here she is declared the winner of the evening by Daniel Whitsett.


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