Sorapol Iron Grip A/W 12

This is the second show for the designer Sorapol and every time he manages to surprise the audience for his bold collections and theatrical settings. For his latest collection Autumn Winter 12, Sorapol took inspiration from the tale of Vasilisa and the pre-revolutionary era in Russia. Sorapol has chosen the venue for this show at the Old Vic Tunnels and the catwalk started with a distinctive sound of a fleet of aeroplanes, sirens and bombing. I'm sure that these Tunnels have heard the same during the World Wars, among the guests nobody was old enough to have an experience of bomb shelters, but the feeling has been recreated perfectly.
The music was very dramatic and it went well together with the collection.
Sorapol used high quality fabrics, luxurious furs and precious embroideries. Striking headpieces and an extraordinary make up by Illamasqua completed this fantastic show.

Graffiti at the entrance of the Old Vic Tunnels

Boy George, one of the guests at the show in a bright orange hat and a sequined jacket

The catwalk is ready with the goodie bags filled with Illamasqua make up, perfume by Robert Piguet and Redken products.

One of the models, wearing a tight red dress with bullets and a gas mask headpiece

The helmet worn by the model is completely embroidered and with stones applied

The designer Sorapol at the end of the show.


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