Wandering at Graduate Fashion Week

Earls Court 2 held the 21st Graduate Fashion Week introducing more than 1000 students from 39 Universities to the key people in the fashion industry. During the 4 days, fashion shows had been held at the two theatres inside the exhibition centre as well as many other activities like photoshoots, a pop up shop, meetings with various insiders at the George at Asda space, sponsor of the event for the second year.
I had a good round of the several spaces where the Universities and Colleges had their displays with the students present to answer questions and to be known by the media and fashion scouts.
Michael Broadway from the Northumbria University School of Design has come up with this beautiful outwear where the process to obtain this particular kind of dye is made burying  or rusting or rotting the garments which after this treatment are obviously cleaned and ready to be worn. Every piece is different from the other because nature did its work. The collection comprise of a fantastic jacket worn by the designer himself and shirts in good cotton with coloured collars and the characteristic dye.

This fantastic jacket has been worn by this visitor at Sarah Murphy ' s corner at the Northumbria University.
I've been amazed by Sarah craftsmanship using second hand materials. Tweeds and wool are selected carefully for the garments and the lining is superb with the use of vintage scarves and ties.
No surprise when at the Gala Night, the beautiful Sarah has been presented with the Ethical Award from Livia Firth and Lucy Siegle.

Another talent at the Northumbria University. Sarah Romartinez produced beautiful handmade scarves with bright digital prints. I love colours and when I've seen Sarah Romartinez prints I had to take a picture hoping to see her works somewhere soon because she just deserve it.

This Northumbria University I'm sure is very proud of its students. I've realised that I've been raving about its graduates in this post. But when somebody is worth it why deny a bit of exposure?
I've been attracted by Kerry Willshire handbag, which apparently is a very stylish laptop case. Talking to Kerry I've said that I wouldn't mind using it as a handbag. The leather is very soft and the print is a current motif of all her collection which is not limited just to leather accessorises. A whole capsule wardrobe has been created with a palette of purple, camel, teal and ivory and the print has been present in lining or small details.

Sofia Wallis Henny graduated from Bradford College and I think she promote  herself in a manner I've never seen before not even among more established designers. Her collection was stunning with prints and the use of feathers to create a one off pieces.The presentation pack really impressed me, I've seen professionality, a young designer who knows how to be remembered. So inside a logoed bag she gave me a box with feathers on the lid and inside the box all the information, sketches and a CV. I will keep that box.


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