Femme De Rose Bespoke Tailored Jackets Designed by You

How many times have you looked for the perfect jacket and always something was missing, like the right shape of a pocket or the cut, or simply the buttons were not  what you were looking for.
The designer Aloye Adede, who was born in London and who studied at the European Institute of Design in Italy, knows a thing or two about good tailoring and quality. In 2008 Aloye established her label Eyola and in 2011 she came up with the idea of a website where the customer can design her own jacket from scratch, choosing the fabric, the colour, the lining, the shapes and everything that can make a great garment. Femme De Rose was born for the joy of all of us who don't want to have a jacket seen on thousands. For anyone who likes unique pieces Femme De Rose is the natural stop to visit for a one off piece that will last for life. There are three price ranges and obviously the choice of materials and details will be different but with millions of combinations available on the website it will be virtually impossible not to find something for anyone's taste.
The jacket, once the designing is decided will be ready in about four weeks and it can be shipped all over the world. All the garments are hand made so the craftsmanship is going to be of the highest quality.
This is one example of what can be done using the Femme De Rose website. The effect is striking and as you can see the options are endless.

Pastel and leopard prints, unusual matching but it works so well.

I love the contrast with black feathers and the dark red blazer, it has that Gothic feeling which is the trend for this coming season.
Just visit the website www.femmederose.com and start design your own jacket.


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