Heohwan Simulation

Heohwan Simulation participated last season at the Ones To Watch catwalk with less than 5 minutes to show his talent and in July he has been awarded with the  Vauxhall Fashion Scout Merit Award  entitling him to a £ 25,000 to be used over the next three seasons allowing him to a solo catwalk both at London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Waiting to see his next collection that is going to be presented next month let's have a look at the one showed in February and which clothes are in the shops now.
As a student in Menswear, this collection mixes feminine lines with a stronger detailing given by his studies background, creating something very wearable and matching black with bright colours like orange and electric blue. The look is inspired by the 1980s people in the street giving the name  for this collection  " The Flaneur" from the French " to stroll".
This skirt is absolutely gorgeous. The pattern gives a silhouette and look at the detail of the huge zip on the side.

A slice of bright orange gives life to an outfit made to brave those winter days. I love the zip on the side of the jacket, it just gives a twist to a minimalist leather garment.

Heohwan  with his models in another two striking outfits. Looking forward to see your next collection.


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