The Jacksons for shoes with a twist

Be ready for Summer 2013, not only because this summer, if we ever had one this year,  we could not show off our footwear, but because The Jacksons at 5 All Saints Road W11 1HA  has in store for its customers a collection of beautiful, soft, bright shoes that are not only gorgeous to look at, but they must be comfortable as well.
These sandals wedges are fantastic with its bright colours. I've touched the leather, it is very soft and the inside of the shoes are comfy and perfect to be worn all day. If there is something I spend my money on are shoes, feet can't be neglected. A pair of coloured and thick tights will transform a summer shoe in something to be worn all year round.

A classic English style with pastel colours. Having a pair of shoes like these is an investment, they will never go out of fashion and they can be worn with trousers or with a dress. The unusual colour will give that special something, enough to be noticed.
The Jacksons thought about bags as well, a collection where it is possible to match shoes and bag picking the same shade or going for contrast colours. The bags are roomy, perfect for all our little necessities that keeps us going during the day.

Cord sandals in natural colours, the shoes  that will match any outfit in our closets. The wedge is not high making them perfect for the office, a walk, a shopping trip. By wearing these shoes the mind will drift to a Mediterranean holiday without the hassle of the journey and you don't have to take them off at the security control.

This coloured version is lovely, chocolate, burnt orange and blue, the colours that are the main palette in a summer wardrobe. These are shoes that once bought are going to be the staple of the summer look and when going on holiday. These are also easy to take them off when prompt by the airport staff.

This line has got canvas, leather, suede, all in delicious colours, definitely inspired by the hot weather, there is a version in silver for a glam night out with comfort . It is difficult to choose the right models, they are all beautiful and so versatile. The only thing to do is just wait for the collection to hit the shop and meanwhile have a browse at the Jacksons ' website.


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