Ubuntu International Project Showcase

Ubuntu is an African philosophy that focuses on people's relations with each other. It comes from the Bantu languages. Bringing this concept into fashion, Ubuntu International Project brought to London Fashion Week a showcase of African designers  as well as a message to trade with Africa rather than just help with charities. Trade is like that famous saying " A fishing hook will give the skill of fishing but just provide for fish once it's finished there 's no food anymore". So during the fashion show held at the Freemasons' Hall and hosted by the Vauxhall Fashion Scout, everyone could learn a thing or two about collaboration and most important we could acknowledge great talents that otherwise wouldn't be  known on a huge platform like London Fashion Week.
Clinton Lotter sent on the catwalk a great collection, mixing African heritage with European Art Deco. The lines are geometric, every peace is tailored to perfection and the choice of the colours is very striking. II really like this teal and black ensemble with the huge hounds tooth pattern.
Jose' Hendo uses eco friendly fabrics and the result is a collection of spectacular one off pieces. Also in Jose ' Hendo garments are made using second hand clothing like suits, denim and for that luxury twist, wedding dresses.

Jose' Hendo promotes the use of African cotton and the manufacturers in his country. After the show with his collection, the models came out with T Shirts sporting mottoes promoting African trade and fair trading.

Ayo van Elmar is the label behind the founder Ayo her the co founder Elmar. The fabrics explore the African culture with bright colours and incredible patterns. This collection is dedicated to the blast victims and their families, in Ayo's country, Nigeria.

Frankly Wild has showed a collection of huge jewellery, which I think would be striking on a red carpet. Just wearing a necklace like the one on the picture makes a statement and this one was one of the discreet ones.Other pieces were big and bold.
House of Jola is owned by Joan Okorodudu. She established Nigeria's Next Super Model as well as founding her model agency Isis/ In her shop she stocks emerging Nigerian talents.


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