Aminaka Wilmont Spring Summer Collection

It is very unusual that at a fashion show every single item in a collection is something that I would wear straightaway. Well that happened with the Aminaka Wilmont show during London Fashion Week. I could not stop for one moment to say " Ohh I love that, and look at that, oh this would go on my wish list". The colours, the prints, the designs, everything was just perfect and right up my street, I'm sure the same one of everyone attending the catwalk. Inspired by the construction of a perfume, the name of the collection is " Threicae" which in a technical jargon is an agent word and it means " To draw on skin" .
The collection is light and playful with warm and cooler tones, floral prints and more geometric patterns are mixed together exactly like a formula for a perfume.
Marcus and Maki at the end of the show.


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