Karen K Shoes and Deborah Brand Corsets

When the weather is cold, the best way to spend the time is with a cup of tea while browsing gorgeous shoes and sensual corsets. So here I am cooing over some pairs of Karen K shoes and Deborah Brand Corsets. I know Karen 's products, very limited numbered shoes, all handmade and hand finished by Karen herself with those special touches that make the shoe unique. For Deborah Brand it was the debut night for her collection of Corsets.
Deborah Brand is wearing one of her creations and Karen El-Khazen wears a pair of shoes with fur cuffs at her ankles. Mannequins were wearing the corsets while the shoes were encased under glass bells, like in a museum, because I can honestly declare, those shoes are works of art.
This shoe is a beauty, with the flower at the back and its petals opening and closing depending how the wearer prefers it. You can see the signature Swarovski crystal set on the sole, which is the trademark for all Karen K shoes. I think that there are only 12 pair of this shoe model in the world, it comes with matching clutch.
Miss Glam is one of the most popular shoes by Karen K. Here the butterfly can be added to the shoe. Look at the attention to details that every single pair of shoes has. All the crystals are hand stitched and Karen uses the best materials, including special support to the foot arch so that the shoes are not uncomfortable and despite being very delicate are also sturdy and strong.
This gem as well has got a very limited number of shoes manufactured. Every Karen K shoe is different even if they look similar, when something is handmade is normal, it is like a gemstone, no two are the same. Karen has been approached by few companies in order to have her licence, but she always refused to be part of the mass produced market.
Miss Pinkink comes in orange or pink and with matching clutches bearing the angel wings, Karen K 's logo. I did not take a picture of the boxes the shoes come with. Pale blue and gold, with ribbons. This is what I love, something different that it is beautiful to leave out of the closet, it won't look messy, just stylish.
Lady Karol bags and boots. Available in two different colours, sand and turquoise or black and pink. The bag is roomy perfect for the day. The matching boots are gorgeous, I would not know what colour I would buy, they are both fantastic. The prices are not bad either, check the website www.karenkboutique.com but don't blame me if you are starting a shopping spree. Everything on the website is irresistible. A bespoke service is available as well for anyone who wants a one off pair of shoes.
Isn't it gorgeous this Deborah Brand 's corset? It takes over hundred hours to make one so from order to finished garment the time required is four weeks. Every single piece is handmade and the craftsmanship involved is highly specialised making the corset a sculpture.
Look at this corset with feathered shoulder pads. Each corset is numbered and it comes with a certificate of authenticity. Corsets are very popular right now and when well made, like in the case of Deborah Brand Corsets, the structure of the garment, worn for a period of time will help to reduce the size of the waist.
This black and gold corset is a staple item.Great for any kind of occasion, being the office party, or a night in a club, or paired with a small jacket when out to the theatre or for a dinner. Just changing accessories or matching it with a skirt or denim or formal trousers and the look will change like by magic. I think it is a very versatile garment. Now let's see when at the next red carpet event we will spot either a Karen K Shoes or a Deborah Brand Corset.


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