Monday, 30 September 2013

YKS Yong Kyun Shin Spring Summer 2014

London debut for the South Korean fashion designer Yong Kyun Shin with his label YKS. With the Spring Summer collection " The Broken" Shin introduced his creativity at the Freemansons' Hall where Fashion Scout held its catwalks and presentations during London Fashion Week.
The concept of this collection is the damaged forms that can be when an object is deliberated or accidentally damaged or through deterioration. Fabrics used are heavy denim in contrast with organic silk and lace. Metal is a presence in his collection with studs and embellishments.
This dress is very beautiful. Depending how it will be worn it is perfect for layering as well. In the summer it is fine as it is, when it is colder a pair of leggings and a long sleeved top underneath will do the job
Shin uses a palette of greys and pinks and the details like huge zips and studs do the rest.
Shin graduated from Central Saint Martins a year ago and he bagged few awards in the fashion industry. If in South Korea you happen to go to the department store " Doota" check Shin' shop "Alogon" for a bit of serious retail therapy.
Yong Kyun Shin greets the guests at his fashion show. I've really enjoyed the catwalk and most of the pieces were quite

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Superdrug Press Day

Superdrug has got a series of new products to launch in the next few weeks and with the constant effort of saving money while trying to use good skincare and make up, a visit to your closest branch is worth it. Apart from new ranges in store you can collect points as well for future treats.
Blow is a new range of hair products from NY and Superdrug has got the exclusive. Everything needed for a professional blow dry at home will be stocked at selected branches. Blow opened its first blow dry bar in the fashionable Meat District in 2005, the only hope is that they are going to do something similar here. For now we can only test their fantastic products like texturising mist or a volumising mousse and maybe a protective primer for when you use thongs and other styling gadgets. Lovely Angie Elizalde has been great and she used some of Blow products in order to give me a bouncy and wavy hairstyle. Prices are very reasonable from £ 9.99 to £ 11.99. Blow will launch in October, be the first to try their fabulous haircare
Janet Reger is well known for its luxury lingerie collections. In October it will launch the first body care line in time for Christmas. Scented candles, body lotions and body butters are among the lovely gifts that would be perfect for a stocking filler or for an emergency gift at the last minute. The delicious  jasmine and rose fragrances  and the great packaging used for the boxes will be a winner for the gifting season. Starting from £ 3.00 and a choice of 12 products it will be great to nip in Superdrug.
O.P.I. nail varnish is one of the quite expensive brands in the nail art industry. Superdrug  has managed to secure the exclusive of its little sister Nicole by O.P.I.
This means great quality, lovely packaging, a range of endless colours and textures and a price tag that won't dry up your purse. Starting at £ 7.99 you can't ask for anything more.
These new shades from the B.Stunning Vibrant Eye Shimmers are absolutely fantastic. They are creamy and the metallic hue brighten up the eyes. Using a very thin brush it can be applied as an eyeliner or as a normal eye shadow. The two new colours are a soft pinky beige and a metallic mushroom shade for a soft smoky eye. prepare £  6.99 from October to bag one of these great little pots.
From the B.Brilliant range of rich lip gloss these three new colours will be a constant presence in your make up bag from October. The dark shade is Morello, purple and brilliant, then we've got Poppy which is a bright red gloss and Bambi which is pinkier and perfect for the day. At £ 6.99 they are the perfect set for this Autumn Winter season. Check more products at

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Paperthinks Bags in Recycled Leather

Paperthinks is one brand that makes beautiful, colourful bags using 100% recycled leather sourced from factories wastes and colouring them with a laminate technique which is not harmful to the customers and the environment. I've visited the stand of Paperthinks at Pure London and I've been amazed by how many colours they use. For somebody like me who loves colours this is the perfect brand for all the leather goods needed on a daily basis and with a green star for ethical consciousness.
This burgundy long tote is made of 100% recycled leather and with a cotton lining. There is an internal pocket useful for storing your mobile phone. A magnet closes the bag and it is available  in deep olive, tan, black, navy and ivory as well. At £ 61.50 is a real value for money.
This tangerine card envelope is made of 100% recycled leather and the colours are beautiful. Who prefers classic colours can chose among the same ones as the tote bag, who like  bright colours in the rainbow collection the colours available as well as tangerine are mint, violet and yellow gold. With a snap button to keep it close without losing your business cards at £ 12.99 is a perfect gift for the coming Christmas or for somebody who has started a new venture and business cards are in order.

This tote bag has got a fantastic colour and the range of hues available are amazing as well with fuchsia, tangerine, yellow gold mint and violet. A magnet closes the bag which is lined in cotton and with an internal pocket for the mobile phone. Its shape makes it perfect for the office, or for an afternoon out shopping. Where else can you buy a leather bag for £ 55.00 ? Just at Paperthinks.
Despite all the technology that surround us I love a block note and I like to write my things in it. I'm never without a block note inside my bag. Paperthinks makes great paper accessorises. This one is 100% recycled leather bound and inside there is a pocket where to store loose sheets or business cards in order to be ready at hand. There is a rainbow of colours, impossible to mention them all. Great price at £ 5.99.
This file folder will put order to your bills and other documents at home or at the office. With 24 colours to choose from we can file bills in a violet folder and maybe personal documents in a red folder or credit cards statements in this yellow one. No more mess on the coffee table with papers piled on top of each other. At £ 14.99 each you've got peace of mind being stylish and green. Check more models of all these gorgeous products at and click on the UK flag for online shopping with British currency.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Komodo Ethical Fashion

I always support ethical brands, they do a lot and the bit I can do it is just to divulge their products. Komodo is one of these brands that for the last 20 years or more has produced garments using organic fabrics and supporting causes like endangered species or social ones. This Autumn Winter collection looks great, with pieces that can be layered for extra warmth.
The Coco jacket is lovely in mixed wool and cotton herringbone tweed, Shulow  trousers and a floral Ceylan printed top in organic cotton. The perfect outfit for the first days of autumn when it is not too cold yet.Pump or court shoes, or wedges are fine to complement the look that you can take at the office or for a night out with friends.
A fine example of layering with the Creola cardigan on top and the Moka cardigan underneath in 100% wool. Finish the look with thick tights and boots. Accessorise with necklaces, lots of them in order to give colour and a twist.
The Sashimi knitted jacket has got this fantastic coral colour. It is the perfect piece to brighten up any outfit. It is one of these staple items that it can't be missing from our wardrobe and the colour match anything, from blue, to black, to brown and so on. Great with skirts and trousers and on dresses.
The Walter Wild Flower Tee is in 100% organic cotton, the same version is available in grey. Given our unpredictable weather, this top will be worn practically all year around. The print is beautiful, reminding me of those illustrations from antique herbalist books. Komodo produces garments for men as well as footwear and accessorises. Check their website at

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Daines & Hathaway New Collection

Daines & Hathaway is a brand created in 1922, the British heritage is their asset as well as the beautiful leather goods they produce. The best leathers have been used to craft every single piece in their extensive range and with all the gadgets that now are present in our lives, new items have been made to keep them safe.
This hold all is fantastic. Even in the picture you can see that the leather is of the highest quality. This bag is perfect for a week end away, a city break with just the essentials stored in it.
This one is the perfect work bag. A laptop can find its place next to a make up bag, a mobile phone and all the other things needed for a day on the move. Models might find it useful for going to castings because there is space enough for their books and a pair of high heels shoes.
This iPad case is a beauty, the colour is bright and I like the detail of the buckle. It can be a great clutch bag as well.
Daines & Hathaway doesn't make only bags but they have a great production of gifts. This jewellery box is amazing with this colour and given that in three months is going to be Christmas, I think that a jewellery box is a fantastic gift for anyone you don't need to own the Crown Jewels. There are some costume jewellery that are quite expensive and they need a nice box like this.
The satchel is a bag that is going from strength to strength. Unisex and ageless they are bags used at school, at university, at work and when out and about. Even men who are generally reluctant in using accessorises, with a satchel bag they feel at ease and Daines & Hathaway have got a great range to choose from. For more info and to browse their fantastic products go to and click the Daines & Hathaway tab.

Pritch London Spring Summer 2014

The setting for the Pritch London show during London Fashion Week couldn't be more stunning. The Central Baptiste Church in Bloomsbury  has been the stage where beautiful models, clad in ripped jeans and butter soft, coloured leather jackets, amazed the huge crowd with the collection of Pritch London at  The Bloomsbury Set Event. We are not talking a normal catwalk show. Music was live played by DJ Sasha Muki from the Gotha Club in Cannes, a real rock chick affair.
Look for yourself and then queue up in order to be one of the first to own a Pritch London jacket. They are so unique. Most of them have got detachable parts so a coat can become a jacket, a jacket can become a bolero, a jacket can be a skirt and a jacket and zips hide studs and pockets. For the Spring and Summer collection colours have been aplenty in Pritch London palette, with bright pink, purple, blue and ivory.
This jacket is fabulous, I love the diagonal zip and the leather is so soft that you could spread it over a slice of bread. While designed in London by Arina Pritch, the jackets are made in Italy where the best craftsmanship for these garments can be found.
This coat is very versatile. It can be worn as it is or the lower part can be detached making it a skirt and leaving the upper part as a short jacket. Studs give a kind of silhouette and the bright blue colour gives a twist to the usual black leather jacket. Any jacket can be made with an availability of different colours.
At the end of the show the designer Arina Pritch is wearing one of her creations together with the models who made this catwalk more a music video. Check all the news and the collections at

Saturday, 21 September 2013

McQueens Flowers

Fantastic evening in Clerkenwell at 70 - 72 Old Street where the flower shop McQueens is based. Everyone will ask " Has fashion anything to do with a flower shop?" In McQueens case, yes, plenty to do with fashion. The Vanity Fair post Oscar party flower installation? And All England Lawn Tennis Club’s Wimbledon Champions’ Ball floral decorations? Yes these are just a tiny example of what McQueens does, without mentioning the countless flower installations at catwalk shows and red carpet events. So I had to go and see the place where everything started and there wasn't a better occasion than going at the launch of McQueens website.
The impressive window display at McQueens greeted me as well as lovely girls at the door with drinks and music played by a DJ. The place was buzzing with energy and beautiful people, flowers and candlelight. The shop is huge, with plenty of space, while generally flower shops are always tiny and crammed, so it has been a refreshing sight to be somewhere where flowers are taken seriously.
This beautiful table adorned with flower decorations and candles is where the flower school takes place. At McQueens there are some courses dedicated to professional florists and one day courses for beginners and passionated about flowers. The "class room" is in the basement which is big and with high ceiling, you don't even feel that you are underground.
This is another spectacular display in the landing between the shop floor and the basement. What flowers and candles can do to give a magic atmosphere. At McQueens you can learn about this or you can discuss with the director Kally Ellis in order to have something similar or something else as stunning as this for an event, a fashion show, a wedding, anything where flowers will complement the setting.
You love the delicate fragrance of flowers don't you ? This is something that it can be taken home in other forms. Maybe a flat is too small and there is no space for a bunch of flowers, or invited somewhere for dinner it is tricky to take the underground, always busy with a big flower decoration? McQueens has got beautiful candles that recreate the fragrances of the flowers sold in the shop. So in a way is a floral gift and you can say it with flowers using these great candles.
If you've been to Mulberry, or Christian Louboutin shops, or you had dinner at Hakkasan or tea at The Claridges and you have noticed their floral displays, now you know, they are just some of McQueens clients. The Claridges has got a point of sale for McQueens flowers in case you are not close to Clerkenwell. Visit the flagship store at 70 - 72 Old Street, EC1V 9AN and check their website for informations about the school and for any kind of orders at

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

QVC Replicates the Cheapside Hoard

QVC is always ahead of the game. In this first time ever where a museum in Great Britain and a TV shopping channel are working together, the Museum of London has licensed QVC to use their collection or brand. The Cheapside Hoard  is an exhibition that will open on the 11th of October and it is centred on a collection of jewellery found under a cellar floor more than 100 years ago. QVC has chosen some of the pieces of jewellery that range from Byzantine cameos to 16th and 17th century precious pieces.
The original piece was a Pendant Reliquary dated between the 16th and the 17th century. It was decorated with white enamel and there were motif of flowers and leaves. The QVC version has been made using a Green Agate and enamel and the price is £ 179.00. There is a veil of mystery regarding the discovery of these precious pieces of jewellery. I could hazard a wild guess, Cheapside has got a small street called Jewry Street where jewellers and pawnbrokers had their trade, so it might have been a hidden stash from one of these traders, forgotten for some unforeseeable circumstance.
The original ring was in gold with enamel and with a setting of rubies and one almandine garnet. QVC goldsmiths recreated the irregular cut of the stones that at that time weren't calibrated as they are now and remade the ring with enamel and african garnets. Visiting the exhibition " The Cheapside Hoard: London Lost Jewels" you will see that there is not difference between the original pieces and the reproductions. This beautiful ring will be sold at £ 129.00
The original pendant was gold with enamel and ten pearshape briolette cut amethysts. Enamel was very popular in jewellery up to the 1920s and it is used again in contemporary jewellery. The QVC version has got ten amethysts from Madagascar pearshape cut and faceted with a briolette cut that gives light to this piece of jewellery. The amethysts have been cut in different sizes and it can be bought for £ 199.00.
The original brooch is one of the most precious piece of jewellery found in the Cheapside Hoard. It was made of gold with Colombian cabochion cut emeralds and table cut diamonds. The salamander was very popular in the Tudor and early Stuart period. The QVC version is made with enamel, created emerald and white sapphire. All the jewellery from the Museum of London Collection are in sterling silver. This brooch is priced at £ 189.00.

This pendant is fabulous. The original piece was in gold with enamel and red and green paste. Pendant were very popular during the 16th and 17th century and the Cheapside Hoard has got a great selection of them. The piece made by QVC used a created ruby, a green agate and two pearls at the side that despite not being on the original piece discovered, it is almost sure that those two pegs at the side included a pearl. This stunning piece is sold at £ 99.00. This pendant has got a pair of matching earring as well. There are more jewellery on the catalogue at QVC starting from £ 79.00 up to £ 469.00 and the jewellery can be bought already from and at the Museum of London gift shop during the exhibition.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Carnaby Echoes

If you go to 20 Foubert Place you will be transported back to a musical journey around the Carnaby Street 's area. A fantastic exhibition  called " Carnaby Echoes"  will run until the 20th of October will bring to life hidden stories about night clubs and people who made the history of music from the 1920s to our present day. This is a commissioned project from Shaftesbury PLC to artist Lucy Harrison.
Lucy Harrison went around the Carnaby Street area discovering places where once famous clubs were styles were born, she interviewed the people who made history in this contest and she picked memories from who lived in the area at those times. Everything has been documented in a film where the people have been filmed were the places used to be. Old magazine articles have been displayed as well as LP covers and all the memorabilia linked to those magic sites.
This exhibition doesn't stop inside the pop up gallery at 20 Foubert Place. Inside as well as listening to music from those decades, it will be possible to pick a pair of headphone(until stock is available) a map and a catalogue (until stock is available). You can download an app on your phone and then with the map discover the plaques where iconic clubs like the Bat Cave or The Nest Club, or clothing shops like The Foundry in Ganton Street where Boy George worked as a window dresser in the 1980s.
In this picture, taken at the launch of Carnaby Echoes, Mark Ellen, former editor of music magazine Smash Hits is with two gorgeous girls who are behind the organisation of this fantastic exhibition. Mark Ellen worked in the offices in Carnaby Street in the 1980s and the magazine was a huge hit with its colour pictures and song lyrics of all the pop hits of that period. Some of the magazine are on display.
The Bee's Knees are posing in one of the boots where it is possible, wearing a pair of headphone, to listen to a play list of music chosen especially for the exhibition covering the decades involved in this project. The three lovely dancers are starring in one of the short films that can bee seen on the website. They dance at the former Murray's Club site, now a burger  restaurant, reliving the music of that time. During the launch they treated the guests to a sparkly dance on the notes of " Puttin on the Ritz".

This trio are the former DJs of a club that had two names. Firstly in the 1960s it was called The Roaring Twenties and in the 1970s its name was Columbo's. The music was American R&B then they played Ska reggae and it became one of the first multiracial clubs in the West End. Lloyd Coxsone on the left played with Denzil Exodus and Mikey Foreigner. Now instead of a club there is the flagship store of Ben Sherman that in a way carries on with the musical legacy given that every shopping event held at Carnaby Street a DJ is always entertaining shoppers on the night.
In the 1960s this mural has been one of the attraction in Carnaby Street. It was the site of Lord John, a shop that sold mainly mod style clothing. The mural has been painted by Binder, Edwards and Vaughan and it is such a pity that it doesn't exist anymore, a piece of art vanished. If I'm not wrong now a Wesc shop is on its place bright and yellow. We ended our evening at the new Disco with great music from the 1970s to the 1990s. On the same site as Disco there was the private club Tatty Bogle, so what best destination than celebrating the end of the launch in a place where if walls could speak they would revealed so much.Shake your booty at Disco in 13 Kingly Court, Soho, London, W1B 5PW after going to its website  But I don't want to tell you more, just go at 20 Foubert Place, enjoy the exhibition, grab a pair of headphone and download the app. Then hunt for the plaques while listening to music that will inspire you in the research. Check online at

I've Been Nominated for a Liebster Award!

I have been nominated for a Liebster Award by the fabulous Kerry's Jewellery blog
There is some rules to follow so here it goes

1. You must link back to the person that nominated you.
2. You must answer the 11 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee before you.
3. You must pick 11 bloggers to be nominated for the award with under 200 followers.
4. You must come up with 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. You must go to their blogs and notify your nominees.
These are my answers to Kerry's questions:
1. I blog to promote my online business and jewellery brand, what about you?
I blog because I love writing and I like to write about what I like and what I see. Writing for a magazine couldn't give me the freedom to write about what I really like and put the pictures I wanted to publish. So a blog has been my choice of communication as well as writing for others

2. Which Disney program do you think is best, Winnie the Pooh or Mickey Mouse?
Mickey Mouse

3. Theme park holidays or Beach holidays?
Theme park
4. Do you plan to build a career blogging or is it a pastime?
It is a past time but you never know

5. Playstation or Xbox?

6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Good question, hopefully still writing and making a living out of it

7. If cost wasn't an issue would you choose beaded fashion jewellery or fine luxury jewellery?
A mix of both

8. What's your favourite store?
It is in Rome it is called Abitart

9. What's your all time favourite film/program?
Sex and the City obviously

10. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
Discovering new brands

11. If you could feature anyone on your blog who would it be and why?
Patricia Field because she is amazing and she defined a new way of being stylish

Now the bloggers I would like to nominate are the following:

Here are my questions:
1) High Street or Independent Boutique?
2) Who is your inspiration blogger?
3) Do you blog every day or just few times a week?
4) What is at the top of your wish list?
5) Your favourite shop?
6) What designer has created, in your opinion, the most iconic item ?
7) Your dream destination?
8) Where would you love to work for?
9) Are you saving money to buy.... ?
10) What actress/actor embodies style ?
11) In your opinion what decades do you consider "Vintage". Which one is the last one before something from vintage becomes old ?

Keep my fingers crossed

Sunday, 8 September 2013

River Island New Collection

Bright and cheerful the Autumn Winter collection for River Island. Just what we need in those gloomy months, an injection of colours and fun clothing to wear as well as being very warm and cosy.
This orange dress is fabulous, the black details at the waist gives a nice figure and it can be worn either with very thick tights or  over a pair of leggings(by the way River Island has got a great selection of leggings). A sparkly necklace finishes this look that will put a smile on anyone face.
Faux fur will be a must for this coming season. Colourful, warm and guilt free, it will keep us protected by the winter weather. These hats are fantastic, the leopard print one is very nice and all of them have got these great colours, perfect to brighten up a dark outfit or to match a coat.
Yes, colour is the password at River Island, look at these great pair of shoes and the bags in the background. When times are hard as the ones we are living now, we can't wear black, it would be too depressing, we need colour and shiny materials to cheer us up.
These knee high boots will keep our knees warm and once you 've worn a pair of knee high boots you will never take them off because the difference is so huge that they will be a staple in our wardrobe. These beauties here are black and purple. Check more and look at the Rihanna collection on 

Duecci Gloves from Italy

I came across the brand "Duecci" while at Pure London in August. "Duecci" literally means two Cs because the last name of the designers is Colonna so the initial C has been given to the label by their father when they were born. Their gloves are absolutely fantastic, remember that Naples has got an old tradition in the gloves manufacturing and many of these factories are held by families for generations. Duecci is one of these factories where the making of gloves has started in 1930 with the designers' great grandfather.
This pair of gloves in teal with orange trimming is absolutely beautiful. The leather is so soft and I love the colours chosen. It is not the usual pair of gloves, it has got a twist to it. All the material used are the best nappa, suede, patent leather, pony skin, wool, silk and the details are fantastic with lace inserts or little chains added to the pieces in order to give them an edge.
This collection of gloves are for the AW season in black leather and details such Prince of Wales fabric for a more theatrical effect. The long gloves are perfect worn with a 3/4 sleeve jacket for a style that remind me of those beautiful black and white films with Audrey Hepburn or Doris Day.
This pair of purple gloves with the jewelled details at the wrist are one of my favourite models. Duecci has got a lot of experience having supplied gloves for the likes of  Armani, Gianfranco Ferre', Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Burberry just to name a few. Everything is made in Italy.
In order to embrace the Gothic look, very strong for the coming season this collection shows models in black leather with chains and studs from long gloves to the ones just covering part of your hands. Duecci will be at the luxury lifestyle event " The Bloomsbury Set" at the Central Baptiste Church at 235 Shaftesbury Avenue WC2H 8EP, so if any buyers or bloggers missed them at Pure they've got the opportunity to see the collection on the 13th and 14th of September.
These sorbet colours are gorgeous and they will be great worn next year in spring and summer. These gloves are the final touch to the whole outfit and this line can be considered as jewellery rather than just gloves that are generally relegated in the colder months. To know more about this brand that hopefully will be stocked in UK soon you can check the website at