Marchesa Lancellotti Bags

Marchesa Lancellotti is a great Italian label from Salerno in the South of Italy and they make the most amazing bags with very high quality leather and fabrics. The name is taken from the Marchioness Antonia Lancellotti, the grand mother of the  owners and designers of this company. Marchioness Antonia  Lancellotti Durazzo was a very elegant woman born in Naples at the beginning of the 20th Century, Her granddaughters said that she would never leave the house without wearing a hat and a pearl necklace.
This leather bag, the Antonia Lancellotti Durazzo, has been handcrafted and the front sports the family crest hand carved with the pyrograph technique. The leather is very soft but that doesn't surprised me because the Campania region has got a tradition of leather craft and many of the leather factories have been going on for generations. The little clutch is gorgeous.
Look at the details of this fabulous Giuliana Lnacellotti Durazzo medium clutch bag. Marchesa Lancellotti offers a tailoring service on demand so if you fancy to put your initials or maybe the family crest on your bag this is something that it can be done.
These huge clutch bags are made using tapestry fabrics that are inspired by the furnishing found at noble palaces of old. The buckle on clutches and leather bags are made of copper or Plexiglas and they reproduce the Jerusalem Cross which is part of the family crest. This model is called Donn'Anna Carafa.
This tote bag has got some fantastic colours, electric blue and teal. Made with fabric and leather details, this is one of those bags that will hold everything we need for our busy lifestyle. Every Marchesa Lancellotti bag is named after a a noble woman from Naples like Vittoria Colonna, Costanza d'Avalos, Eleonora d'Aragona, many of them from the Spanish royal house who kept court in Naples for 300 years. Check their website at

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