River Island New Collection

Bright and cheerful the Autumn Winter collection for River Island. Just what we need in those gloomy months, an injection of colours and fun clothing to wear as well as being very warm and cosy.
This orange dress is fabulous, the black details at the waist gives a nice figure and it can be worn either with very thick tights or  over a pair of leggings(by the way River Island has got a great selection of leggings). A sparkly necklace finishes this look that will put a smile on anyone face.
Faux fur will be a must for this coming season. Colourful, warm and guilt free, it will keep us protected by the winter weather. These hats are fantastic, the leopard print one is very nice and all of them have got these great colours, perfect to brighten up a dark outfit or to match a coat.
Yes, colour is the password at River Island, look at these great pair of shoes and the bags in the background. When times are hard as the ones we are living now, we can't wear black, it would be too depressing, we need colour and shiny materials to cheer us up.
These knee high boots will keep our knees warm and once you 've worn a pair of knee high boots you will never take them off because the difference is so huge that they will be a staple in our wardrobe. These beauties here are black and purple. Check more and look at the Rihanna collection on www.riverisland.com 

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