Daines & Hathaway New Collection

Daines & Hathaway is a brand created in 1922, the British heritage is their asset as well as the beautiful leather goods they produce. The best leathers have been used to craft every single piece in their extensive range and with all the gadgets that now are present in our lives, new items have been made to keep them safe.
This hold all is fantastic. Even in the picture you can see that the leather is of the highest quality. This bag is perfect for a week end away, a city break with just the essentials stored in it.
This one is the perfect work bag. A laptop can find its place next to a make up bag, a mobile phone and all the other things needed for a day on the move. Models might find it useful for going to castings because there is space enough for their books and a pair of high heels shoes.
This iPad case is a beauty, the colour is bright and I like the detail of the buckle. It can be a great clutch bag as well.
Daines & Hathaway doesn't make only bags but they have a great production of gifts. This jewellery box is amazing with this colour and given that in three months is going to be Christmas, I think that a jewellery box is a fantastic gift for anyone you don't need to own the Crown Jewels. There are some costume jewellery that are quite expensive and they need a nice box like this.
The satchel is a bag that is going from strength to strength. Unisex and ageless they are bags used at school, at university, at work and when out and about. Even men who are generally reluctant in using accessorises, with a satchel bag they feel at ease and Daines & Hathaway have got a great range to choose from. For more info and to browse their fantastic products go to www.pittardsleather.co.uk and click the Daines & Hathaway tab.

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