Brow Perfect by Lash Perfect

Lash Bar at 35 Marshall Street London W1F 7EX in the Carnaby Street area is the right place  to have anything done to your eyelashes from eye lash extension, make up, a range of delightful fake eyelashes and more. The latest treatment is the " Brow Perfect". In my opinion it is one of the best invention in the cosmetic industry and it is not only something you might want out of vanity. How does it work?
If your eye brows are made of fine hairs or maybe the eye brows are not there anymore for some kind of chemical treatment, at Lash Bar the "Brow Perfect" will give a natural look, applying individual brow extension to existing fine hairs or directly onto skin, using and especially created adhesive that doesn't irritates the skin.This picture shows the "before" treatment.
With tweezers every single hair is attached in order to fill gaps or to create a full eye brow. Depending on how much work is involved the price starts from £ 25.00 for 15 minutes application. Just think of the usefulness of this treatment, a pair of full eye brows can give a lift to the face better than any other chemical treatments and for who went under chemo therapy it would be a moral lift as well while the real eye brows grow again.
This is after the application of  "Brow Perfect" and it has got a natural look. Various colours are available to match everyone hair. The application lasts between 7 to 14 days and it can be topped up like the eye lashes extension. Lash Perfect is a brand leader in this field so the quality is excellent. The lovely shop in Marshall Street is housed over three floors giving privacy to its clients in four treatment areas. Check its website to know about all the treatments in offer and to book your appointment.


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