Louis Vuitton Spring Summer Picks

It is quite out of contest to write about Spring Summer fashion while outside is freezing cold, but for Louis Vuitton I have to do an exception because if anything on this page goes in your wish list it will take a lot of saving before we can't afford it to buy. In this way, even if the prices are not out yet, we can choose what we like( yes I put myself in the group) and save like an industrious ant, so when these beauties hit the shops we can go and have our Louis Vuitton fix for 2014.
The classic Louis Vuitton bucket with the logo pattern. This style will be always on trend.  The fluo trimmings in leather are new and eye popping. This colour gives a fresh look to a statement bag.
Beautiful selection of sorbet coloured tote bags. Perfect for storing everything needed in our busy lives. They might even be the reason for your flight upgrade.
The summer and the best holiday spots will see quite a few Louis Vuitton fans sporting these fabulous denim sandals and this gorgeous epi leather tote bag. The sandals look very comfortable and the bags is great for when flying but even to glam up a day at the office.
These clutch bags match the sorbet coloured tote bags but they are made in epi leather with a big logo clasp. Perfect when out in the evening, these lovely bags have a chain strap, or inside the tote bag to keep all together money, phone and keys. Just a sneaky peek for Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2014 collection.

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