New Look for a Sparkling Christmas

Are you counting the day to Christmas ? New Look is the one stop only to sort out the gift list and the outfits for the many Christmas parties all over town. Prices are always great and the "taken from the catwalk" looks will ensure that you will be ready for the festive season with no stress at all.
This leopard print jacket will be perfect over any outfit you will wear, glamming up a pair of jeans and top or be the right match for a sparkling dress, feeling like a Hollywood star. This jacket will see you through the winter season and at £ 44.99 it is a great staple because animal prints will never be out of fashion.
I love these pumps in several colours and embellished with buckles and crystals. They give that certain spark to anything and if you are having guests at home or you are spending the holidays at your parents or in-laws you will be smart and comfortable.
Chandelier earrings, a lovely gift for a friend or relative, or why not, buying them for yourself. Just wearing them will light up your outfit and you will feel festive and ready to party. With the purple crystals matching all the nuances seen for this season, these earrings will be on your ears for a long time.
A range of gift ideas with this beautiful cat looking at you will be one of the bestsellers for this festive season. The price is very reasonable, the collection has got make up bags, phone covers, e-reader cases and more so if it is a stocking filler you are looking for these are the right items for you.
This sequined top is fabulous, look in store for a pair of black trousers or distressed jeans or a mini skirt in order to style yourself for the party of the year. At £ 19.99 there is not another minute to wait. This top is another of those wardrobe staples.
Keeping our feet warm is one of those tips in order to avoid a nasty cold. These pair of slippers with a faux fur lining and sweet bow will be a gift for anyone and it will be a gift very well received. They come in red as well and packed in a knitted bag, so great for travelling as well. A real bargain at £ 9.99. New Look has got a huge range of items and clothing, check the website at

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