East Club Pop Up Shop for Men

East Club is a great brand of menswear. The choice of styles on sale can satisfy any man, even the most difficult one. Born as a online shop, it recently opened a pop up shop at 308 King's Road London SW3 5UH and I would recommend a visit to both men and women. Men can find something different, or classic but with a twist, little details in shirts and jackets. Women can find some nice gifts for the coming Christmas.
Nice outfit where everything is made either in UK, or in Italy or Europe anyway. Don't be fouled by the classic look, maybe the lining of the jacket or the cuffs of the shirt hide some funky details. The jacket is made of  Italian cashmere and wool, the white shirt has got indeed a blue velvet inner collar band and blue checked single cuffs, the tie is made of silk knitted and the twill mustard chinos are 100% cotton.
Great selection of bow ties and ties in bright colours and some a bit muted. The bow ties are knitted 100% cotton while the ties are either knitted silk or made from silk. Small gift ideas with a touch of originality.

At East Club everything is catered for a stylish man, from basics, to swimwear to casual wear up to accessorises like scarves and pocket squares. The red cotton shirt has got contrasting floral details in the inner front placket and single cuffs. The pocket square are made in England in silk or cotton and the scarves are made of Italian virgin wool  or merino wool.
A rainbow of colours with these beautiful scarves in soft wools, like merinos or cashmere. They are so gorgeous that I wouldn't be surprised to see a woman wearing one of them. The East Club shop is lovely, bright and colourful, a great place to indulge in shopping.
Jumpers and casual wear is very much present at East Club. This red cotton jumper is fantastic with two front pockets and a polo neck with a button. A collection of cardigans and sweatshirts, as well as trousers for all the occasions and suits can be found in store or online, all made with the highest quality fabrics in the European Union. Check East Club website and pay a visit to  the pop up shop.


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