Missoma Jewellery

I've loved Missoma Jewellery at first sight. They are delicate, they are fun and they are made using 18ct gold or sterling silver and semi precious stones. This award winning company is formed by mother Michele and her two daughters Sophie and Marisa, from their names we've got Missoma. The pieces of jewellery are stunning and full of details.
These bracelets from the "Trinkets" collection are all made in 18ct yellow gold, rose gold or sterling silver. The faceted beads are all semi precious stones from amethyst, rainbow moonstones, smokey quartz, lapislazuli and many more. The trinkets depict  keys or skulls or lucky horseshoe and more and the pendants at the end of the bracelet matches the beads or sometime are different gemstones in a rub over setting.
My favourite gemstone is Labradorite, which in the past wasn't so popular. Now I can see that many designers are using this beautiful stones in their jewellery. Missoma is one of them, they 've got in stock several pieces with this green/gold stone. Here there is a selection made using grey and white mother of pearl. The cuff is is gorgeous.
What a great selection of turquoise and lapislazuli jewels. A visit to their website or their stockists is in order because Missoma has got something like 12 collection to browse. After that a wish list can be left around for anyone in the house with no idea of what to buy for Christmas, S. Valentine or a birthday. Any occasion will be great to receive a Missoma jewel. The best shops in UK stock them and the whole list is on the website.
from the "Little Treasures" collection, these sweet bracelets are the perfect gift for somebody who had a baby. This is not actually a baby bracelet but it has been thought for the mother.Gemstones used  are rainbow moonstone, labradorite and aqua chalcedony.

From the "New Bisous" collection we've got these pieces of jewellery inspired by the 1970s link chains. Bisous means kisses and the parted lips shape  is a recurrent theme for earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets. The stones used are white topaz and black spinel. Check more models and start shopping at www.missoma.com


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