Tresor Paris associated with the Ice Rink Canary Wharf

Halloween night, the perfect date to launch the Ice Rink Canary Wharf in style, in association with Tresor Paris known for its beautiful collections of sparkling jewellery. The evening wasn't cold and no rain in sight, so the guests, arrived at the venue could enjoy an event watching a ice show while sipping mulled wine and champagne. The venue will be open until the 16th of February so prepare yourself for some Christmas party or S.Valentine's date in here.
To celebrate Halloween, a ghoulish ice show has entertained the guests with appropriately themed songs like "Ghostbusters" or "Thriller" while the skilled skaters have been gliding elegantly on ice with pirouettes and bold jumps.
In this occasion a Tresor Paris pop up shop has been opened and it will be there through all the festive period until the 16th of February. This means that in this little shop you will find all the  Tresor Paris bestsellers and more, giving you the option to shop for Christmas and up to S. Valentine's day. The choice is endless and with items starting at about £ 10.00 really you can do all your Christmas shopping in here and be sure that the receivers will be happy.
Tresor Paris is always involved with worthy charities and for this season they've designed a pair of ice skates completely encrusted with white and black crystals. An auction will be held and the generous winner will have this pair of one off skates and the certainty to help Children in Need.
Do you want another excuse to go to Canary Wharf and have a great time on the Ice Rink ? Book tickets for the 12th of November. Tresor Paris will host a Guinness World Record attempt at the BBC Children in Need with the Longest Conga on Ice with all the proceeds going to Children in Need.Click on this link to start and be part of this challenge
And what about who is not good at ice skating? No problems. you see those white bears? They are the zimmer frames for who's not able to ice skate, very thoughtful and safe as well. The ice rink is in Canada Square Park nearest public transport Canary Wharf station. Check the website for all the information needed at and to plan a shopping list at the Tresor Paris pop up shop go to

(photos courtesy of Tresor Paris)


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